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Cindy has been busy. Cindy said:
I've gone from drive-by searches for broken concrete chunks in ditches and yards to Krista's generous retaining wall blocks to...hey, i know, i'll post Wanted: broken concrete, on every local on-line page, ie craigslist sacramento, pennysaverusasacramento, freecyclerssacramento, sacbeeclassifieds, goldriveronline, sunriverneighbors, etc. Score. Tons of free concrete out there. then i drove literally $50 bucks out of my suburban aircraft carrier all over town antelope to elk grove. i picked up 15 square pavers and 20 homemade stepping stones. i spend all my time on the phone and net returning calls and checkin email for somebody wanting to give me their free cement. then, I realize my patio still isn't built because im only able to build a patio with square regular shapes. I make up storys to tell all my new contacts about why i'm appreciative but no longer want their free cement. i send out a new Wanted: bricks or square pavers. not one response. Also i'm gettin dissed by the moderators for asking for too much free stuff too often and they are refusing to post my requests now. remember i have piles of stuff/shit now in my front driveway, but nothing for patio construction. sooooooooo i decide to follow thru and use what i have so far. I build a retaining wall behind the pool pump (important, prominent, visual location for yard beautification, huh), and then lay stepping stones in the "entry" area of where my patio will be. done. check email and all free net spots. still no pavers. so i lay anti weed emergent. then bark dust in all ugly dirt areas. there is an ad in the bee for 200 free grey bricks but they are in meadowview.

then i call tim and tell him that i am sleep deprived and he'll need to pick up bella as my heart is pounding, and my eyes are buggin out. Then I tell him I want pizza so he orders one and I lounge in bed from 4pm until I fall asleep watching forensic files. 2:30 wide awake. Thanks for sending your blog. If this keeps up I'll be your most faithful viewer. Now I must search out pavers in all the aforementioned free spots. My mantra is: I will be patient, I won't spring the $40 bucks and buy them at lowes.

You feel like loading bricks with me in drive-by-shooting meadowview? I don't need help really, but I should take an eyewitness for the prosecution.

You gotta check out this site on ebay. I'll send it to ya. a women in elk grove "ingrid" is selling web templates she creates. everyone that buys one and uses it for their seller auctions also advertises her work. She has a web site too. it is: i want to send her the flea you made and have her do a template for me. $40 is good huh? what do you think? love cin

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