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POPE rip
I just have to say that knowing that the Pope was in really, really bad health, and old man and knowing his time was coming, I am sad. I am catholic, and the day Pope John Paul I passed and PJ2 took over is etched in my brain. At St. Marys in Greenville, SC PJ1's passing meant a WHOLE DAY of MASS so that made a huge impact (as a youngn' I remember thinking it was astonishing that they were able to find a number two WITH THE SAME NAME, that must really mean he's special---yes I know that it is not his real name NOW) I am not at this time practicing, but I am reluctant to believe that any future pope will every fill the shoes of PJ2. Yes I have qualms about the Vatican/Pope sssslllloooowww response to the pedophillia issues...but in terms of opposing Communism, and his PERSONAL connection to people, ( did you know the Pope regularly visited youth "jamborees", around the world??? youth jamborees...know think of that!) means the replacement has some BIG shoes to fill...I hope he is up to the task, for the papal to remain relevant.

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------