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Rob's Tomb!
After having French doors put in, Rob was in a quandary as to how to fit in a platform deck level to the door, but would fit around all the other obstacles (since we do before we plan most of the time). So the last few months he has been working on a concept that was so lost on me that all I could visualize was 4 foot concrete pyramid. Curious when he filled the top section with Cindy's leftover concrete (she did have a hard time parting with the baseball sized concrete though--THAT made me laugh...What does one do with 25 pieces of baseball sized broken concrete? Cindy? Enquiring minds want to know?) and practically the entire leftover foundation of this old torn down house up the road.

It was really interesting gauging other peoples reaction when viewing this monstrosity in progress. Cocked head, pouched lips...Scratch on the head. I just kept my (strong) doubts to myself. Well, most of the time...but the annoyed-your just a girl grunts I received persuaded me best to keep ANY doubts to myself

Alas...Oh ye of little faith...voila...He did it!

Image hosted by

It really looks great, terrifically wonderful, fantastic and perfect and shhhhuuuu! it is done. Well almost done. He left three boards loose so that Riley could put a time capsule underneath and any other incriminating things we may need to hide since this sucker is not goin down. I took some more pictures of yard stuff...I have foxgloves a bloomin!

Image hosted by

and this which is so pretty, but have no idea what on earth it is...heads look a like verbinium only way tall.

Image hosted by

and finally the good close-up of the back that hides all the ugly spots (oops, except for the dried old vine lining the fence.) underneath the apple tree. I finally have the ever expanding patch of Nasturtiums that I have always wanted!

Image hosted by

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