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What a BUMMER!
UPDATE: Okay, now things are back to normal. Links are linked, things back in there place a bit. Shewww. AND to top it off, the luck charm I where around my neck some how knew, Angry Chicken would link to me today and so naturally today would be peapies blog explosion day! arrghhh my life

Right after I posted about my purse, I viewed and realized BLOGGER (&^^%$##$^%&**)(*&&^^^%%%$$) had lost, erased, did something stupid to my ENTIRE page code (everything except topper)!!!

All that work (the kind of work that you worked, and worked and then something finally worked, but you don't know how or why it worked, or where to begin to make work again!), so as you can see, links are all erased and in redo mode.

Fortunately, I had a saved text file, but it is PRE-TWEAK mode so now I have to redo.... am hating blogger right now and seriously thinking of a type-pad account!

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