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Party Invite Challenge
Cloth Paper Scissors has a fun Reader Challenge right now!

art party invitation anyone?

Send us an invitation for your own art party- one you've hosted in the past, one you're planning in the near future, or perhaps the party you've only planned in your head. Put on your party hat and follow the methods used in Traci Bautista's and Cindy O'Leary's articles, or branch out on your own.

details---Use any combination of your own artwork, copyright-free images, fabric, paper, transfers, wire, stitching, beading, and other mixed-media materials and techniques to make an art party invitation that promises laughter, sharing,

the link above also details guidelines and dates! Let me know if you enter your invite, chances are SUPER DUPER slim I will---UPDATE ---I meant will NOT, as I am entrenched in end of the school year hell--mission project, lotta homework---coupled with planning the lamest phenomena known to child and adult kind alike (especially for too old an age child)--- The end of season Sports/Activity party---I know I am mean...but given that I have spent money on signing up, pictures, THE STUPID CANDY FUNDRAISER--ah um, now another 25 on a trophy /party on a team that didn't win all that much, well, I am over it. Remember when trophies meant the winning team kicked ass, and then that made you want to work harder so you could get one of those? I guess I am a little crusty right now. GO TO BED GRACIE!

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