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Back Tack Incoming!
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Received my secret pal, Back Tack Incoming package yesterday (Thank you secret pal!---fun, fun, fun) It is perfect for the pattern I got last weekend for the knitting needle case. Although it doesn't call for a zipper (which secret pal sent)

Here is the pattern . I made the crochet case at Grandmas (when i get my pix back I am blogging about precious 96 year old grandma visit- forgot digital) for practice so receiving secret pal will not be totally disappointed. It (crochet case) turned out pretty good, so knit case should have the benefit of a trial run. Cross your fingers for me.

Rhetorical question---Patterns are ridiculously priced (this one originally 15.95) but are pretty standardly always 50 to 40% off as a rule. Why? Why not just print the 1/2 off price if no store charges the full price anyway? I can think of no other product (off hand at least) that does this. Useless wonderment... go about your day.

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