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radio silence
I am now preparing to take a shower and wash off my 4 day stint at Seraphein Beyn Ads . Whoo...a whole lotta work (there's plus mine). Bob, the goober, was in a state over a client in "constant edit" mode which is not a good way to be because your are about a hair away from telling your bread butterer to sit and spin. I have to admit I did have fun and sorta missed the old grump. To give you an idea of how delicate Bob can be...about ten minutes after the super hip, of asian decent, intern quietly arrived and tucked herself in the back room, Bob came in to me and loudly asked...:"where's our little asian slave?" Bob she is in the room next door...insert image of Bob's size 13 Converse entering his mouth.

Had fun with Mike and lunch at a hip little beach deli that opened up, run by a local radio personality...i.e. anyone whose anyone under 30 was there. This afternoon, Mike and I took a drink and smoke break. He set his cigar on a newspaper stand and left me outside to guard it while he went in to buy diet cokes. I started meandering around a little, looking at all the sweet little Victorians (one in particular--cuuttee) and when he came out I heard a 'OH great, thanks". I look over to see Mike bending down to retrieve his cigar that fell off the newspaper stand and rolled a good 6 feet. Ooopps ( I laughed), then I thought ---what's the big deal in my head. As we go walking along just a few steps i see a partial dog poop on the sidewalk...oh...whatever.

Went to lunch with Scott and Bob at the greasy spoon because the night before Scott (sorta loves to eat - wink, wink, nudge, nudge) watched a documentary about pancakes (origin, other countries use, every imaginable variation) the night before. Bob and I were slightly mortified (wow, something ruffled Bob's sensibilities!) when he grumbled to the waitress for a butter tub or a bowl of butter balls, rather than have to unwrap each individual butter pat she served him.

all and all, a typical week at Sera Beyn.Shoo... Now I'm just looking forward to sleeping in again.

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------