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Z-Boyz Mini Review
Now I have crushes on ALL the scraggly skaters from the seventies after seeing Lords of Dogtown last night. The documentary, Z Boys and Dogtown, was very interesting, and I came away from that with a major crush on Jay Adams, the bad-ass/bad boy punk one (doin' time for drug charges-natch) who was the naturally talented one that didn't get the accolades he deserved. The movie was great actually. It did a good job of telling an out of the blue story of these kids that started the skateboarding swimming pool craze, with lots of character. AND Heath Ledger was really EXCELLENT as the surf board shaper skate team sponsor and the only noticable star in the movie (besides Rebecca DeMornay who did a great spaced out party mom with soul). I recommend the 9.50 (and I usually don't, so there you go!)

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