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for more than walls: Stencil Ease's Polka Dot stencil!

Circles are the single hardest thing for a human to try on there own. Oh I know we can make them, but right or something other than a 3/4's semi perfect circle, but that last 1/4 side is always FUBAR, then when you try to correct the FUBAR side the complete opposite side pops up as the same as the previous FUBAR side? You know what I am talking about!

And, don't get me started about replicating a marhta magazine,"just go explode 3000 times on a copier, then realign 20 times on the acitate (over the light table WE ALL HAVE), then zoom in with your zippo knife with the precision of a bunker buster and the cleanness of a kenzu knife on the 8000 bug bite to coaster size circles...S T E N C I L"!!!!! Yes, that one... I got bored with that.

If you have a little more cash tp spend, there are these (and other adorable illustrations) here too at Wall Candy.

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