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Lanyards galore
Well I have to say that Camp Sacramento was a blast and of course I didn't take all that many picture. I did get a few on our day trip to Pope Beach on Lake Tahoe. Alex H. Found a miniscule frog...

and tucker on the beach. I am sad that I didn't get a picture of the little cabins (camp has been there since 1920's) they so sweet complete with shabby dressers with glass knobs. Layard making was everywhere. I cracked up when I notice this GI-normus football player dad crouched over his lounge chair lanyarding!

I managed to work on this little jewlry box for the jewlry exchange I signed for from get crafty. Lots of people were beading and needlepointing and knitting so that was neat to commune a bit. The knitter told me about a "knit and sit" in the area...somehow I don't think you will find me there. Oh and I had a heinous incident that rendered my crappy digital camera even crappier. My MONDO EXTRA LARGE bottle of sunscreen exploed in a bag that housed everything I brought sans clothes. I spent a good hour in a 2 foot by 2 foot shower stall attempting to rinse GREASY sunscreen from my toothbrush, camera to my drivers license. There is just no greater pleasure than figuring out to rescue soggy tampons!

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