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Some of the best things turn out to be under your nose!

This will be of little help to most people as I can't imagine all that many people who stop by are from the Sacramento area, but I am so excited I can't help myself. I just found out that UD Davis has a Craft Center in which they have all these classes that are ususally hard to find. For me that is. The City Colleges don't offer many unique art classes so this so cool. Glass bead making and Glass Fusing? T-Shirt Screen Printing? Crochet, Knitting, Coil Basket Making, weaving, silk painting and sewing?? Are you kidding me? Calligraphy, Origami??? The best part is lots appear to be on weekends. Woo Hoo.

Oh and more good news...this little bead shop opened up dangerously close to my home. I didn't believe it for like a month when I saw the sign, because the spot was so obsure. Tucked in a little building that primarily houses dentists and mortgage brokers. I finally pulled in a poke around and found it and it turned out to be pretty cool. I had visions of a gynormous room housing about fives stands of wood beads. Wrong. And she has classes! Fun for me.

UPDATE: the link does not work unless you backspace the /index.html and then press enter again (afte you click on the link) The index crud just suddenly appears for some strange cyber voodoo reason.

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