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Trip to Tahoe
We went to Lake Tahoe on the spur of the moment on Friday and came home yesterday. The weather was glorious and now I am home to hell. A gal that Rob works with has a cabin just far enough but still close enough to stateline that she is so nice to let us stay at. So Rob got up on Friday and did one his silly ..."So...You wanna go to Tahoe" swagger, swagger things. Since I wasn't expecting it I began a panic in front of this computer willing all of my lazy clients TO EMAIL THEIR REVISIONS NOW so I could get the hell out of here. The cabin is a 20x20 (well actually a little bigger) 2 bed/ 1 bath/ Kitchen and living room cracker box. It is sweet on the inside (old 50's decor) sorta plainish on the outside. No picture.

I realized two things. 1. Am not a good camera person. Well that is a lie, because I really knew that about me. I think it is a pain actually. But I have been trying to seize opportunities more often and I still blow it off. Case in point. I spent a weekend in one of the most scenic beauties in the world and this is the only picture I really have.

Yes. It was taken while I was driving back to KFC to get the popcorn chicken the was mistakenly not included in our order. I was struck by the orange gleam of sunrise illuminating the entire lake and every little nook and cranny of the place. Suddenly you see the WHOLE ENTIRE ENORMITY of the place and where it all fits in. It's just that blast of light that engulfs everything, and you want to keep looking because when you close your eyes and open them again its just dusk. I need a shirt that says I went to Tahoe and all I got was this crummy little picture.

Actually, this is a good one. My little tucker has always wanted to go horse back riding. He is astride the one horse he was hoping to get, Snowball.

The other thing I learned is that I am being a little more selective in places I want to live. I inherited this oddity from my mother in which I (she too) want to live in every different place I arrive. Seriously. If I drive 3 miles down the Sacramento river, I want to live in the teeny no amenity country town. If I go to San Francisco I want to live in an apartment there. So the first thing I do is get a newspaper or real estate booklet and start looking at housing. I say, "Rob, I'm really a county girl at heat", "Rob, I'm really a city girl at heart"...and then I mourn when I leave sure that I am leaving one the true place I should be. BUT I do not want to be in a cabin with dirt and pine needles 30 miles away from a store or a restaurant. So there you go. The one area that appealed to me in Tahoe, was the Tahoe Keys in which you drive in off the pine needles and you feel like you are in lush green lawn harbor of Newport Beach. Since I don't have a spare 1,8 mil burning a hole, I wasn't disappointed not to be living in Tahoe!

I did splurge on a little beauty. At the bead shop there I was drawn to this limey green stone. I kept going back to look at it. It was 8 bucks which is a little pricey for one bead. A big bead, but just one? Turns out it is "apple green turquoise" but super on the green, not the subdued green (which I like too). Since it is my birthstone I bought it. It is resting next to a bowl I made at the paint your own clay places (with my Grandma). I tried to dab a little blush of buff behind the polka dots for a subtle hint of color, and well it looks like big blobby blabs done with the grainy side of a kitchen sponge. with a couple more beads (coral is the red one, yum) and hair chop sticks ready to be beadified!

here is a closer, but blurrier look at the green apple

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------