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Chopstick Needles
I'm always snitching the really nice substantial chop sticks from restaurants. I use them to stick in the knot I sport on the top of my head. I also made knitting needles out of them for my backtack person (and huge fat ones from a dowel) but never thought of making crochet hooks. Here is a thread at Craftster , for doing just that.

By the way, to make the small chopstick knitting needle, just sharpen chopstick in a pencil sharpener (until they both look evenly grinded) then fine tune with fine sand paper. I also sanded the whole chop stick to make it extra smooth for knitting.

To do the huge ones, I bought a super big chunky dowel and cut with a miter box and a saw, two long equal size pieces. Then using my boy scout camp training, whittled (blade pointing away from body, safety first) one end on each to a graduated point. When they were both looking about the same, I just sanded the heck out of them (not that much really) till they were smooth.

Then topped with clay mushroom heads. voila.

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