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Germans missing the sensitivity chip
...I just deleted my previous post, that depicted the beautiful scenery I spent the last week in because it made me feel sick to my stomach after looking at pictures of people wading through chest high water with children in New Orleans. I felt the same way about the earthquake in Iran and the tsunami and bombings in London.

Feels pretty silly to be posting about little felt dolls or beaded this's and that's when thing like this happen. New Orleans will survive. Although, excuse my raging cynicism when I read foreign headlines like this "Katrina Should be A Lesson To US on Global Warming".

For now, it is just best to ignore bad manners. I guess if Germany prefers to be tacky and opportunistic that's their choice. My parents raised me to know that there is a time and place for things and this, to my notion, is at best cheap and unseemly.

And I am not saying either way what effect "global warming" has had...

This Scientist in the NY Times details the normalacy of all of this. I do know Hurricane Camile which occurred 35 years ago was a Cat 5 and had winds of 200mph "producing the highest hurricane tidal surge ever recorded in the United States" with 255 people killed, and 8,900 injured.

I would be interested to hear these German papers explain a LEVEE BREAK resulting out of lower waves and a CAT 3 Hur., as opposed the the CAT 5 Camile, but that is all besides the point right now . It is just one more "oportune" jab with little regard for the people suffering. One thing about the US, though is, no matter how much bashing we take, we never let that get in our way when others need OUR help!

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