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Riddle me this Batman

This product by a local lady and client of Sera Beyn that I did something for (point of sale?, or something) called Holy Cow is well actually pretty holy cowish.

I assumed it was cute and pink, but nothing more, or no better than glass cleaner, but pink. I have been seeing it pop up in local stores (kinda pricey) but noticed it on my "culture and class mixing trip" at walmart for $1.78 so I bought it becuase it said it would clean stainless steel, a claim no other product can pull off for under $10 bucks.

IT WORKED!!! Sparkly with only a few streaks and removed 40 layers of what appears to be tarnish (I HOPE--sheesh) according to the rag I used. Now I am off to test the hard water/ soap scum stains on the shower door (a claim NOOOO product ever massed produced has EVER accomplished). I am convinced the only solution to soap sucm/water stains is like some south american hill village custom like hair washing with guinea pig urine.

We shall see...

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