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Sacramento Lunch pictures

We went to a grossly overpriced icky lunch at Joe's Crab Shack on the river. Riley had a friend over that, well, put it this way enjoys breakfast, lunch, dinner.and snack.

Earlier before we left,the friend flagged down Rob running out to the auto parts store and asked Rob for a "piece of bread". Rob asked if he wanted to run in and get it and friend said no "you can". Don't get me wrong, he is very sweet, not rude just accutely aware of his hunger status at all times. I imagined, after many times telling his mother he was hungry, her telling him---grab a piece of bread.

too lazy to turn the bridge right side up for now. Wish I't gotten it raised for the ity bitty boat coing through.

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------