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This blog is done: for maybe
not that I have all that many readers ( a few champions--Cindy was the most sweetest devotee ((and for that she will gain big great kuudooa) and Roberta, and Debra and Lauren, Kerry and Steve....) but this game is done.

There are reasons...

i didn't realize that blogging was quite so snobby.

there are quite a few blogs that seem to deem themselves the "end all" in blogging. My experience and knowledge in blogging is that that everyone acknowledges others. Most craft blogs, with nothing else to do (peapies included) would link to other things.

The "go to" blogs NEVER update their links and rarely LOOK TO OTHERS. Oh, they link...but to who?...what? a pool of 20 of them selves?

I did try to engage other artists and crafters---taking the time to do the most wonderful anf helpful interview with Violette. What ever..apparentl...uninteresting to japanese stuffed animal makers!

Fine. Meanwhile other artists are linking to you!!!!

It sounds like a poor me, and it may well be. But the next reason is the real reason I have been a little over it...

The greatest piss-off for me, was the $50 I spent in my backtack "send off" to ENGLAND (figures) only to be greeted with a partner who couldn't send me anything. Months ago I responded to my bt'er understanding, but since I haven't heard in like 2 months, I am pretty confident I will not receive a "back tack", never complained to backtack people, since the call for angels seemed that they would handle there is a back tack 2, and they closed it like 2 weeks before they ADVERITSED it would be closing.The 'elite" will be paired up with each other, the "bottom feeders and unknowns" will get burned... Another whatever, as I am quite sure I would not toss another $50 down the toilet....

My next trade on craft-log resulted in a nagging "did you send to your partner yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" me working hard to make multiple pairs of earrings, and a jewelry box to send meanwhile, the person assigned to me emailed me for "things I liked" and I told her to do what she did best, do what you do means


I am tired of this game

It's just turned into a limited "self-affirming" i.e.--I'M GREAT--- ego trip...that I wanted to be apart of (but can't ) so I am done. I may be be a little bitter becuase of my back tack experience, then to here how they closed the newest way before it went on the market...I think I will I'm only do my supper-club site...iwho knows, I nigt keep it, we will aee,,,
llustration friday? good practice that designers should participate in...sing hi

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