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Arrested Development

Cut off Tobias's and Maybe's head a bit...opps

Very excited to watch the season premier of Arrested Development because I have been in withdraws since like march--ish. And know I can proclaim that I am a member of the official Arrested fan club, you can be too if you follow the link!

It is the SICKEST, most DYSFUNCTIONALLY written show in a long, long time and I'm and stoked that it did NOT get canceled! Watch watch watch, NO MORE REALITY, you will not be disappointed!

But those sly dogs, of course, DID put up an "" website of which I was visitor #42 unless of course there was a "42" joke, that Riley seems to think was in play, but I was too busy doing this not to about trolling for the pure cult audience!

Now I am on to "Kitchen Confidential"...

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------