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DIY Home Japanese style
I have beeen fascinated with these Japanese DIYers documenting the redecorating of their homes. They are really beautiful. It is interesting to see what's popular or the trend...lots of pine wood, blues and whites and ocean and wire and shelfs...they detail the whole redecoration of their homes and instructions on how to projects. It is really neat, I haven't much of the same here (as far as websites)

Souffler has lots of soap making recipes as well. Here is sampling of her style...

Something By Hands has all kinds of wire work for the home.

Cotton Cafe has beautilful wire work too. What is up with these people? I know for a fact if I attempted to twist and turn wire to make this i would end up with 20 yards of the most canked up mesh of wire...I don't get it?

and I am fairly certain that these people are making their own furniture too

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