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Over my snit fit
okay, I'll admit I was being a hugish baby. I'm over my snit of my closet friends called to laugh at me for my blop sign-off. To be honest I am wrapped up in one personal stressful nightmare that erupted once again and sent me over the with the back-tack things it just made me slightly pissed at the world.

Normally I am more passive agressive when I have a bug up my butt. My work associate slash brother, was afraid to call me when he received a tyraid email I sent shortly before I posted berating him on a job we were working on. He simply requested I "call me(him) when cybil is gone".

And then I realized I kinda missed this..and that it good for me, sorta like a journal (I know, duh) to blather about stuff and get it out.

So I am gonna post, take the good advice of other and post for myself and have a good time doing it not worry whether I got shafted on the back tack, thing happen, people get busy and get over it.

So in that vain thanks for dropping by if you do...and as I write this someone has just called with some very better news about a 4 year living hell! Things are indeed finally looking up!

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------