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Oh the joys...
I left my house 3 times this past week. One was a call at 6am from papa bear, who went to the hospital after work with a debilitating migraine (later when we got home, I noticed there 10 messages on the answering machine and 4 on my cell---really sound sleeper).

Now papa bear is a paradox...he has very extreme gross sides (i.e...manly),cleaned his pre stitches cut with windex then wrapped it in duct tape, wears the free t-shirts people give away, lots of hair poking out in all kinds of spots and then this sorta prissy afflicted malady side. Sniffs, itches, drips, drops, creams, lotions, salves.

At least once a year we pack in the car in the middle of the night to go pick up dad at the hospital. By the time we get there he is pretty doped up, but not enough to ham it when I got there last week he began speaking in a weird low godfather like whisper and it instantly set off my BS meter. It took everything in me to feign sweetness and concern.

Apparently I was not very good at it. We drove all over the place because he wanted a "hamburger". Not an easy thing to find at 6 am. My patients was thinning ever so much and ultimately we got McDonalds breakfast. But then of course, once home he is starts loud heaving barfing, which sets of son who has a wicked gag reflex and at 11 still has absolutely NO ability to make it to a bathroom. So I lost it . I chastised my husband for barfing so loud and I yelled at my child for puking on every square foot of my home. Nice huh.

I found another disgustoid thrift store closer to my house, and there were a ton of patterns (which is cool). Chatty Cathy clothes! If anyone would like these patterns just let me know...I just couldn't leave them there. Also, I bought two huge bags of alpaca yarn in very pretty shades of blues and creams...well, once out of the bag... I now have 80,000 strands of 2 feet wool yarn, what the hell is this?

Is this normal? I don't know what the heck to do with it. Only thing I can think of is to make a few hundred penguins from this book! Arrghh.

Oh and the last trip I made on Saturday was to stop by the new Beverly's super store (there was a line, I am not kidding, 70 people long. It wrapped the entire gynormous store) and then onto Costco to treat carnivorous papa bear. I bought two things, t-bones and toothpaste.

Okay. Last year papa bear put a sticky note in the costo storage vault to gauge how long it would take us to use the truckload of toothpaste I insist on forgetting we have so I buy. You would think that big a production, and the fact that I am out other glaring essentials (laundry detergent, trash bags) I would not buy toothpaste. But I did. So now we have about, I am guessing 4 years worth of toothpaste. That's my life as an Amy!

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------