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Another Calgon moment...

Papa Bear began the morning by reflecting on people who refer to karma but in looking back it's hard to see where or when your transgression took place. More importantly when does the punishment end? When things really pile on, the bad thing I did vs. the bad things that keep happening ratio is really unbalanced. I quickly saw where he was going.

We've been tied up for quite a few days dealing with a homeowners nightmare, known as a nasty plumbing clog. Friday morning we blew a fuse (every once in a while it happens when we have the space heater, microwave, tv, and various other electrical do dahs working at once), so as I trounced around the side of the house to flip the switch I happened upon one giant plumbing clean out explosion. I know it happened over night because the fuse I was out to flip had blew the previous afternoon also(the space heater is the killer) and I wasn't greeted with the 5 square feet of toilet paper and various other lovely sewage goodies as I was friday morning.

Gripped with panic (you know..."oh no...a whole new sewer line, no...not now") I suddenly remembered our home warranty! Shooooo. My brother many years ago advised me to either get one or when buying a home to renew for crud like this. It really is a life saver...if they friggin' respond.

Long story short it took 3 days of many , many WTF? calls, and then finally one really irate call to eventually make contact with a plumber. What is supposed to happen, once you notify the warranty company, they then fax out a work order, then the contractor contacts you. I know most of the problem is that this occurred on a friday during the busiest plumbing season, but HELLO!!! I've got an 11 year old boy's--- who insists on using an entire roll of toilet paper every time he enters a bathroom--- kind of raw sewage bubbling up for the litigious world to see, not to mention the obvious humiliation associated here!!!!

Here is the really stoooopid part. It costs us only $45 for the service call. A plumber finally comes out in all of 3 minutes runs 40 feet of cable, unclogs and writes the receipt BUT tells us we now need to have the crap professionally cleaned BUT the warranty company will not cover it BECAUSE it is considered secondary damage.

How much would the plumber have been if I were to have called him myself on Friday morning and had him out? $85 bucks.

SO I have paid a warranty company for 3 years (roughly $400 a year) $1200 plus $45 but because they didn't serve or respond to me, I'm now faced with $1,100 in toxic waste clean-up?

And the only way to avoid secondary is to have vacated our home, stayed at a hotel of which there is no reimbursement OR used the bathroom outside, in say...oh I don't know the same place the sewage would collect? Sorry for the imagery there, but the logic is so maddening.

Of course THIS is not sitting well (in my brain or my yard)! There is a popular prison analogy appropriate to describe this situation that I will just leave for the imagination (involving soap).

So this morning I interrupt Rob to say I know where he's going with the karma thing, but that we really can't look at this like that...shitty (literally!) things just happen to good people, bright side- cie la vie- kinda baloney


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