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Hindsight should've been my middle name

This is a picture I painted that baby bear said had to go there, even IF the blues are wrong! (PS, I said it before, but I hate my ditial camera! Continue)

More work in progress pix. In hindsight I should have taken more befores, just so I could prove what a massive improvement this is and how truly crappy it looked before. The framed picture above the bookcase needs to be moved up a bit but I think its working. I moved the crappy sofa and chair that I'm stuck with in closer and it the result is mucho cozio.

I fished out this SureFit slipcover I picked up at The Goodwill Dump that never fit ( and guess what? IT STILL DOESN'T - a quasi illustration of insanity, I left it on and bopped out, in the meantime as Papa Bear went to work. He called and asked where I'd gotten that "thing" on the sofa...blah, blah, blah DUMP....he said (which had me curled on the floor laughing) " of those "one size, Fits NOTHING huh?"

Anyhow, the darker walls have put, oh about 7 months of life in the crappy sofa and chair, because the darker color with light pine wood flooring (ahem, faux wood, ahem) finally make there oversize scale in perspective and they don't draw back into the wall and all you see is the shadows of SHIT AND MESS!

I have this GROOVY stripped fabric (thrift, natch) that is so colorful I just can't keep eyes off it...BACKSTORY....I decided I love BRIGHT DARK COLORS now after I watched this documentary on WE (? does that sound right? Sappy women stuff?) on "Shop-o-holics" and shewww...can those women spend some money, but one of them had this fabulously colorful house, bright sunny yellow, perky crisp blue, deep cherry red on the walls, WOW. It looked HAPPY and I thought...I think I like that, and I think I can do that and I think I can do it WITH NO MONEY!

SO back to the fabric. Love it, thought I would make great pillow covers, totally work with the wall color...but When I wrap them around a pillow and plop back on crappy is apparent they don't work on the crappy sofa and chair, surprise! Hence, fishing out the "one size fits nothing slipcover"!

Arghhh! More progresso pictures on the way....and BONUS...Ode to Cindy Candles!

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------