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I'm back...2006

So after my long hiatus from blogging (bad news/outcome zapped my motivation for commiserating in a blog) I am going to put my worries behind and start fresh...

Well sorta. That lovely patch you see scrubbed into my wall wasn't intended to to be a 2 year swatch. I splurged on a can of periwinkle "oops" at Home Depot and was just going for it until papa bear walked in and screamed. He has a homosexual gene when it comes to decorating which drives me bananas. Don't get me wrong, it would be fantastic if it weren't "Queer Eye for the 80'sGuy"

So in recent weeks, flipping through magazines at the check out stand I am seeing a lot of periwinkle blue walls with red accents. Armed with one red pillow, I intend to follow this through...when papa bear leaves for work tonight!

UPDATE: I have already been scolded for lazy picture prep. Might have been nice if I feigned neatness and fluffed the pillows, no?

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