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Some crazy Idea....But isn't it still fiber?
This via the intrepid "Junk Philosopher"

"p.s. know why dryer lint IS NOT a good craft medium???? It dawned on me one day like a light bulb- Pubic Hair! And god knows what else could be disected from dryer lint. I refuse to quit collecting it though, it is the million dollar niche the world is waiting for me to launch."

This was her (with urging) fantastic idea...Isn't dryer lint good for something? Well, I sure think so. My suggestion was to boil as if it were wool fibers rendering fabulous felt! I still think it will work, despite the unsavory byproducts involved, but are they really unsavory Cindy? I mean, isn't it the ultimate hemp?

Pubic hair purses? Intuition tells me, we're friggin on to something here

Did I mention I hate my digital camera? Oh yes...many times. Well I am in super hate mode because I replaced the batteries... oh about a week ago...and guess what? They're Dead. So, NO new fabulous painting, NO new fabulous popcorn crochet, NO pictures of my baby Virgo's spontaneous need to clean the tops of the ceiling fan!

Virgo, after a stray moment of standing on the tip of crappy couch top (now you know why it's crappy) of course spots something and comes running into the kitchen to inform me he needs a "wet rag"

ME - Why?

Virgo - Because the tops of the fan are just like "WHITE" ---with the biggest smile on his face, like he just found a golden Wonka ticket sitting up there or something

ME - You really want a wet rag? You really want to clean them?

Virgo - Oh Yeah!

Poor Virgo got a sloppy Sagittarius for a mama...However, lucky Sag got a Virgo for a boy...meticulous to a fault but very unwilling to attribute or pin any shortcomings on a loved one.

ME - Riley, does it bother you that Mom is completely hopeless, rather useless at keeping this home anywhere near to your comfort level?

Virgo - MOM, don't be silly, one person alone could never control the natural level of dust in the air!

Even if you actually did dust, statistics say the dust would be back soon after anyways!
We will just work together better in the future and we'll get there, don't you worry!

Shoo for me. Anyways, (Cindy) if someone could come up with an idea of harnessing and then recycling house dust into an ipod carrier or a baby, that would be super incredible.

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------