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The good news?

I'm not dead.

My blog mojo did though.

Actually I had a really good, intense freaking work year!

So the prospect of blogging was nil, because there just wasn't much to blog about. Unless pissing and moaning about my clients' dumbass, mundane edit requests are blog material? I think not.

One fabuloulsy, wonderful event this summer was? The little tuker embarkling on his most excellent Australia trip! The Student Ambassador had a bitchen trip and is- um, an eleven year old girl crazy NUT!

He was romanced and is still in a state of "Maddie said this" and "Maddie did this" and then Maddie broke up with him after a whirl wind intense 2 days. He then spent the rest of the time soaking in all the that Australia had to offer but, primarily engaged in and focusing on schemes and soap opera dramas to get her back.


After hours of Maddie I couldn't hold back...I said it..."you need to man up".


"Man up!!! Play hard to get. You are too easy and way too nice"

"but MOM!!! I don't want to lie, or fib. I don't want to play games-!!"

Sigh, again. He's destined to have his heart ripped out of his chest, chewed up and spit out about 40 different ways. I told him he was right in theory, but he's looking at a good 10 years of some serious devious game playing and if he wants to keep the real thing pure, he's got to man up! Give them something to work for, be aloof, don't let on you care so much. Oh, well you can't teach this crud no matter how hard you try.

The good news is, the eleven year old boy --changed his clothes, took a shower at least once, and took pictures...never-mind that virtually ever picture was least compared to my eleven year old trips-- I had bags of film of my this was an improvement and way more than we expected.

He had the time of his life. Defining. He embraced meeting and communing with so many new people. I have heard more than like 4 times he didn't actually miss us, he loved us of course, he just didn't miss us. i.e. not homesick. Which is great and I am so glad he had this. Also, he bought his mom a gorgeous opal necklace. I cried. I was overcome. I was full.

A few days latter he told me he really wanted to give it to Maddie.--pause-- I have a word I'd like to say...but I will defer to my son's example.

---------------P E A P I E S - H O M E / M A I N / R E C E N T ---------------